Checking brake fluid
Checking brake fluid
Every car owner knows about the necessity to check regularly the condition and the level of engine oil, and if here leaking threatens failure and subsequent repair of the engine, such problem arisen with the brake fluid cause violation of the brake system operation and the direct threat to your and other people safety.
Therefore, check the brake fluid should be carried out systematically, similarly to the engine oil checking. So when checking engine oil, do not be lazy to check at the same time the level of the brake fluid in reservoir. The more it is in front of your eyes. And do not forget that the life of the brake fluid up to 2 years. And do not forget that the service life of the brake fluid lasts a maximum of 2 years.
Synthetic brake fluid PROFESSIONAL HUNDERT DOT 4 is the fluid of the last generation produced on the base of polyglycol. Designed for use in any hydraulic brake systems and actuators of clutches in modern cars. Has a high boiling point. The special inhibitors, present in the content, prevent oxidation caused by the air when the fluid is heated. Also inhibitors protect internal metal elements of the braking system against corrosion and wear. The product has low volatility. Recommended for use in brake systems of vehicles equipped with ABS. Can be used at environment temperatures from -50 ° C to + 50 ° C.


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