Winter for each car...
Winter for each car...
Winter for each car means serious inconveniences of every system, as well as the most harmful season of the year. Mandatory preparation for the winter season must be performed by every car owner. It is very important to prepare the car for working at low temperatures. In addition to the regular change of oils, antifreeze and other technical fluids, there are many useful autochemistry, which can help for such preparations. Below are the most popular types of car chemicals that will be surely demanded and will help to overcome the winter. All presented car care products are made in Germany.

Winter windscreen washer (-30°C and -70°C)

In addition to its core functions - quick and safe release and cleaning of the windshield glass and car headlights, washers have a great advantage among other similar products. In particular they are safe use and totally harmless to humans and the environment. The product contains the composition of natural ingredients based on ethanol with the addition of a light citrus flavor – vapours appeared during operation are completely harmless for human. Glycerol, which is also in the contents of the product, keeps wiper rubber and window gaskets flexible. Perfectly removes any dirt from glass: dirt, grime, exhaust fumes, grease stains.

Windscreen defroster

Indispensable product, especially during unstable changeable weather. Perfectly helps to cope with the nightly iced car windows. Acts instantly and safely, unlike special scraper, which must be operated very skillfully and carefully in order not to leave scratches on the glass and paintwork. Effective combination of components based on natural ingredients, is harmless to humans and the environment, quickly cleans glass icing, and prevents repeated frosting.

Doorlock deicer

If a door or trunk cannot be opened due to the completely frozen lock – the agent for removing ice from the locks can help. You just need to inject a special liquid, which quickly melts the ice, into the chink of the lock. Product does not contain hazardous methanol, also has excellent lubricating properties that prevent refreezing.

Silicone Spray

Under condition of strong frosts, especially after car wash or short-term thaw, rather frequent problem is adfreezing of door sealing rubber. Often after their freezing car door could be opened only with making damage to the soft rubber of seals. In order not to be exposed to this risk, it is enough to treat sealing rubber of doors with special agent based on silicone and get full confidence in the performance of doors even in the bitter cold. Also, this spray can be used to remove squeaks of plastic panels and connections, to lubricate jammed locks, chains, seat rails, hatches.

Injector cleaner and engine valves cleaner

Effective agent for cleaning the fuel system of gasoline engines. Quickly cleans contaminated injection system, removes tar, soot and deposits from the dispensers, intake and exhaust valves. In addition to the complete cleaning of the system provides excellent protection against corrosion and wear. Special components in the contents of the product bind and remove moisture from the fuel tank to prevent icing problem due to the presence of water.

Diesel Flow Improver

If a car has a diesel engine, you will certainly need antigel for diesel fuel. The main task of the agent is to ensure reliable start of the diesel engine even at very low temperatures. It prevents congeal of the diesel fuel, restricts the formation of paraffin chains under low temperatures. The product is compatible with all types of diesel fuel. The additive is added at time of refueling, or in advance – before the temperature drop below 0°С. In addition to preventing freezing, it protects the fuel system against corrosion and wear, improves fuel ignition, reduces fuel consumption.

System diesel active additive.

Special additive for commercial vehicles. Effectively prevents oxidation of the fuel (the spread of bacteria). Enhances the lubricating properties of diesel fuel. At temperatures below zero prevents joining of paraffins into long chains, thereby eliminates congestion of wax and blockage of the fuel system (pipelines, canals, filter). It protects the fuel from freezing by binding moisture. Applicable as defroster of frozen fuel. At extremely low temperatures it is recommended to double the dose.


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Winter for each car...

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