Summer car care products of Professional Hundert!
Summer car care products of Professional Hundert!
What products of autochemistry you are apply first in the preparation of the car for the summer season?
AMV Corporation offers products necessary for safe and comfortable driving of your car, as well as for care about it.
Our product range includes autochemistry for both external and internal servicing.
At anticipation of the season the most important now are summer products! We offer a range of Professional Hundert summer autochemistry.
Presented products have great advantage over other similar products, namely, the safe usage and absolute harmless to humans and the environment, compliance with the highest international standards! The composition of high-quality natural ingredients is used for producing of these items under the strict control by technology specialists of Professional Hundert!

Windscreen washer additive (concentrated)

Highly concentrated additive with scents of peach, apple, citrus or freshness provides for quick and effective glass cleaning. Provides improved visibility and safe driving. Removes insects, oil and silicon residues, does not leave stains. It is recommended to mix with water at 1:100 ratio.

Car wash shampoo

It is efficient in usage, cleans all vehicles, and creates shining protective film. Possesses citrous scent. Ph-neutral, beneficial effect on the skin of hands and automobile surface.

Insect and road mud cleaner

Сleans out insects, dirt and road mud. It is purposed for cleaning of glass, painted, chromium-plated, plastic and rubber surfaces. Due to the contents of anionic and nonionic tensides, it cleans out insect remains and dry dirt from surface quickly and easily. It provides an excellent brilliance on a surface after usage. Doesn’t contain acid.

Glass Cleaner (active foam)

Active foam cleaning spray with excellent grid and cleaning effect. Smear-free cleaning effect due to special tenside solution.Effective dissolving of road mud and insect mess. Dissolves nicotine and silicon residues. Does not harm materials. Good material compatibility, even on painted, rubber and plastic surfaces. For all smooth surfaces, such as mirrors, glass panes, etc. Does not harm the environment. After applying the antistatic effect remains.

Glass cleaner

Highly-effective cleaning spray, perfectly removes traces of fats, oil dirt, nicotine and exhaust residues, doesn’t cause stains. Due to the presence of nonionic tensides in its contents, it provides an excellent brilliance on surface after processing. Due to antiglare protective film formation, it provides long-term protective effect of clean surface, as well as water-repellent properties.

Car wash shampoo with wax Carnauba

Concentrated liquid with wax Carnauba cleans, polishes, provides gloss to varnish-and-paint surfaces. It is a very cost-effective product! It cleans surface and protects it during the process of car driving.


Victory in the Cup of Ukraine in motorcycle races

Lubricate - help.

Kunststoff-Reiniger - cleaner and protection for plastic

Get rid of the noise in transmission!

Looking for spare parts suppliers

HaftSchmierfett-Spray. Adhesive lubricant

Make your car more economic!

Winter! Take care of hands!

Winter glass washer

Caring for parquet floors

Dishwasher tablets 5 in 1

Efficient and safe car shampoo with wax.

Bleach "AMV Oxy-Perfect"


Cream for hands protection AMV Aqua-Creme!

Grease Kugellager-Fett

Carpet and upholstery cleaner

Multi-functional spray for five spheres of application!

It is very easy to remove the unpleasant smell from the kitchen sink drain pipe.

Nourishing cream designed for sensitive skin of hands

For trouble-free operation of the cooling system, the one should always remember about its service

Safe cleanness by "AMV Colorwaschmittel flüssig"

Checking brake fluid

Winter for each car...

Magazine "Avtomir" No. 26

Summer car care products of Professional Hundert!

New antifreezes Professional Hundert of premium level!

Specialized Professional Hundert gear oils

Experts of Professional Hundert in Kiev

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