Specialized Professional Hundert gear oils
Specialized Professional Hundert gear oils
Specialized gear oils are widely represented in the assortment of Professional Hundert. They are purposed for use in friction units of transmissions in cars and trucks, buses, industrial and agricultural machinery, as well as in a variety of gear reducing units and worm gears.
Lubricating oil in the transmission is a very important element for the proper functioning of the mechanism.
High demands are imposed to the oils, since they are operating in high sliding speeds, high pressures and wide temperature range.
Their starting properties and long-term performance should be ensured in the temperature range from -60 to +150 ° C.
To ensure reliable and continuous operation of transmissions components, specialists Professional Hundert developed high quality products with enhanced performance characteristics, by the introduction to the base oil relevant high-quality functional additives (such as depressant, anti-seize, anti-wear, anti-oxidant, anti-corrosion, antifoam additives etc.)

Professional Hundert® SGO FE 75W80 GL4/5

Professional Hundert® SGO FE 75W80 GL4/5 – Fully synthetic, easy-flowing transmission oil with low viscosity for manual gear boxes. Produced exclusively of valuable and élite base oil thoroughly cleared of paraffin, with the usage of the latest additives set. It has a stable viscosity, which ensures a permanent protective oil film. It is excelled by the high temperature stability and perfect resistance to shear. Reduces wear and noise during operation of transmission, ensures trouble-free performance of the gear box. Provides maximum fuel economy due to the minimizing losses for friction and easy starting in cold weather. Neutral to gaskets and sealing materials. Used for filling for the entire lifetime of the transmission.

Professional Hundert® Multi ATF special AISIN-AW

Professional Hundert® Multi ATF special AISIN-AW - Synthetic, high-performance transmission fluid designed for use in most of the modern automatic step type transmissions (with differential lock and torque converters), steering and hydraulic systems from different vendors installed on cars, SUVs, minivans and light commercial vehicles. Particularly perfect and recommended for use in automatic transmissions of the latest generation of Aisin-Warner production. The oil is excelled by its highest performance characteristics, remains effective under any loading and significantly reduces wear. Stable high coefficient of friction prevents tremor or vibration under all operating conditions. The fluid has perfect low temperature characteristics, very high viscosity index as well as excellent resistance to heat, oxidation and foam formation. Neutral to usual sealing materials. Used for the maximum extended service intervals.

Professional Hundert® ATF special life-protect

Professional Hundert® ATF special life-protect – Synthetic fluid with perfect operation properties for the new generation of automatic transmissions made by ZF. The oil has outstanding performance characteristics, provides smooth shifting as well as maximum protection against wear; due to stable friction coefficient ensures complete absence of vibration under any operating conditions. It has excellent cold flow properties, high resistance to shear deformations, perfect thermostability, oxidation stability and absence of foaming. Neutral to sealing materials. Used to fill in when servicing the newest models of 6-speed automatic transmissions HP series made by ZF (6HP19/21/26/28/32/34), installed in automobiles of BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche, etc. Can be also applied with a 5-speed automatic transmission of the previous generation made by ZF (ZF 5HP). Used for extended service intervals.

Professional Hundert® ATF special NAG2

Professional Hundert® ATF special NAG2 - High performance synthetic transmission fluid on the basis of a new generation of advanced base oils with the addition of high-performance additives set. Designed for the latest generation of 7-speed automatic transmissions of Mercedes-Benz (NAG 2). The fluid can be used instead of fluids with specifications as 236.1/6/7/81/9/10/12 – in all 4- and 5-speed automatic transmissions of Mercedes-Benz without converter lockup (KÜB Wandlerüberbrückungskupplung), as well as in 5-speed transmissions with torque converter locking on cars with rear wheel drive, instead of fluids with the specifications 236.10/12. The fluid has a high viscosity index, excellent resistance to oxidation and aging, outstanding low-temperature performance, contains composition of anti-wear additives and friction modifiers, which ensure optimal gear actuation under all operating conditions. Provides smooth shifting and prevents vibration even at high mileage.

Professional Hundert® ATF special NAG2 FE Plus

Professional Hundert® ATF special NAG2 FE Plus - High performance synthetic transmission fluid of the latest generation on the basis of specially designed high-grade base oils and additives. It is used especially for the first filling of automatic transmission 7-G Tronic Plus (NAG 2 FE +) of Mercedes Benz. The fluid has a lower viscosity, which provides the best fuel economy, excellent viscosity-temperature indicators and outstanding switching characteristics, also at low temperatures. Ensures stable friction coefficient, excellent oxidation resistance and heat resistance, prevents foaming, significantly reduces wear. Provides a comfortable gear and no vibration under all operating conditions. Not compatible with previous specifications of MB-ATF fluids and cannot be used to replace them!

Professional Hundert® ATF special CVT

Professional Hundert® ATF special CVT - Special transmission fluid designed for continuously variable transmissions - variators with V-belt and chain drive (CVT – continuously variable transmission), including variators in automobiles produced by Daimler-Chrysler. It is also used in the transmission types Multitronic (Audi A4, A6) and Autotronic (Mercedes-Benz A-Class and B-Class). Due to the contents of frictional and antiwear additives, the fluid reduces wear and provides a high friction coefficient for the transmission of high torque. Use of the fluid ensures reliable lubrication of all transmission units under any loads and temperatures. Do not mix with other fluids.

Professional Hundert® Special transmission fluid for DSG

Professional Hundert® Special transmission fluid for DSG is a special fully synthetic transmission fluid, which has been exclusively developed for the application in the new VOLKSWAGEN/S-Tronic AUDI double clutch transmission and transmission Power Shift FORD/MAZDA/VOLVO . Special transmission fluid for DSG -has a very high viscosity index and stable coefficient of friction at high and low temperatures, excellent viscosity-temperature behavior. Special transmission fluid for DSG -has excellent wear protection and resistance to aging and oxidation. Neutral for conventional materials and seals. Caution: Not mix with other transmission fluid! Observe manufacturer instructions.


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