Brake pads for cars - Brake pads hEXEN
DBS2031 / Brake pads hEXEN
DBS2031 / Brake pads hEXEN
Brake pads hEXEN, Brake pads for cars
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АНАЛОГИ: ICER 180410 / FERODO FDB0212 FDB0206 / TRW/LUCAS GDB0238 GDB1222 GDB0349 / Dafmi Д311 / Ate 13.0460-7071.2 13.0460-7073.2 13.0460-7040.2 / Bosch 0 986 466 402 0 986 492 020 / Delphi LP204 LP591 LP488 / Jurid/Bendix 571336X 571336D 57 129 1J 57 129 1B / LPR 05P233 05P628 05P242 05P277 05P327 05P233 / Optimal 10099 9606 B-1083 / Pagid T4017 T4019 / REMSA 0733.00 119 00 285 10 119 20 119 32 / Siffert 2482 / Textar 2075303 20783 18,0 0 5 T403 2078302 2114103 / VALEO 598212598032598000 / ОЕМ Ford 5 018 900 Ford 5 023 995 Ford 6 704 268

180410 / FDB0212 / GDB0238 // 20640/20783 // Ford Escort, Sierra F

    HEXEN offers wide assortment (over 1000 items) of high quality brake pads and brake shoes for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. 
    The main and critical goal that is persecuted by HEXEN is to assure perfect quality and safe products exploitation.     Therefore raw material and components are supplied by approved qualified manufacturers. Brake pads and shoe of trade mark HEXEN are liable to permanent rigid control during all production stages starting with raw materials purchasing till the packing of ready goods. 
    R&D Centers, which are the part of company, all the time working on the friction materials perfection. For the confirmation of brake pads quality level they are exposed to repeated tests. The most responsible among all are testing of friction material durability, gluing to the base and checking for thermal loading. 
    The complex laboratory investigations covers such parameters as:
- constant of friction
- shock resistance
- friction material stability on compression
- hardness
- thickness expansion under temperature effect
- braking efficiency
    Brake pads and shoes are tested in different road conditions under any weather.

Catalogue hEXEN Brake Pads (PDF in RAR)   11.6 MB


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