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2171 DP BCT17HRDP (4)
2171 DP BCT17HRDP (4)
Spark plugs hEXEN, Platinum spark plugs
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2171 DP

    The distinctive feature of spark plugs HEXEN DOUBLE PLATINUM is in platinum central electrode and in platinum side electrode, which provide maximum acceleration, efficient engine power, combustion and spark voltage. 
    The platinum allows to make central electrode very thin. Owning to this, the value of necessary ignition voltage decreases, consequently the reliability of ignition increases even under most severe exploitation conditions. 
    Excellent combustion ability means decreasing of the misses of ignition and increasing of the engine effective power. Perfect ignition ability of the central electrode allows to improve engines characteristics and reduce fuel consumption up to 5% as compared with standard spark plugs.
    Application of the platinum spark plugs assures greatly prolonged exploitation period as far as 100 000 km.
    Long exploitation period and durability allows to make intervals between maintenance longer and help to save time for car care.


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