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            hEXEN proposes high quality spark plugs for the most of internal combustion engines. HEXEN products are applied for automobiles, trucks, motorcycles and garden equipment.
            Important option of spark plugs is their thermal range. Spark plugs which heat not enough or vice versa heat too much can cause failure of engine work. hEXEN uses central electrodes with copper core for optimization of heat-transfer process. Gas tightness is secured by copper-glass sealing. Thus working range is provided.
            Insulators are made of high-purity aluminum oxide powder, which are an exceptional isolator and thermal conductor.
hEXEN spark plugs usage provides improving of firing system characteristics, such as fuel saving, decreasing of harmful emissions, more stable engine work.
            HEXEN spark plugs provide efficient ignition with fuel economy at same time reducing the automobiles exhaust harmful effects on environment.

           Spark plugs with one side electrode
            Spark plugs with copper central electrode and one side electrode are the most simple and widespread. The spark plugs central electrode includes extra heat-conducting copper rod in wearproof chrome – nickel housing. This allows to optimize temperature balance of the spark plugs operating parts and protect against from heat overloading, in a such way the prolonged operation under different working conditions is guaranteed.

            Spark plugs with several side electrodes
            Usage of 2 or 3 ground spark plugs enable opening of auxiliary spark gap in combustion chamber direction.
            Such a construction facilitates extension of fire front during first stages of combustion, improve quality of inflammation of operating mixture.
Improved efficiency of engine work and reduced fuel consumption are caused by possibility of spark breakdown in several places.
            Central electrode is made of copper. It allows optimizing length of isolator’s cap and extends heating characteristics. Usage of 3 lateral electrodes increase distance before replacement up to 60000km. Stability of distance among electrodes and heating characteristics allows apply these spark plugs to the most of  engines.
            V-groove spark plugs construction peculiarity is opened spark gap. It provides decreasing of extinguishing effect and improves combustion by better distribution of fuel-air mixture. In this case development of flame’s front is more intensive in comparison with multielectrode spark plugs. Also spark is longer because it strikes diagonally from central electrode to “parts”. Thus reliability of sparking is improved (it’s especially important for modern engines which use depleted mixture for decreasing of harmful emissions). Such a structure secures reliable combustion of mixture, causes reduction of fuel consumption and decreasing of discharged gas emission.

            hEXEN DOUBLE PLATINUM has such peculiarity as platinum central electrode and platinum lateral electrode, which provide maximal acceleration, effective engine’s power, combustion and spark’s tension.
            Platinum lets make central electrode very thin, thus required tension is reduced, so reliability of combustion is better even in hard conditions of exploitation.
            Excellent combustion ability causes reduction of inflammation irregularities and improving available engine capacity. Significant inflammation ability of central electrode allows improving of engine characteristics and decrease fuel consumption for 5% in comparison with standard spark plugs.
           hEXEN IRIDIUM spark plugs provide intensified spark and improved characteristics of inflammation.
            Application of iridium alloy allows making spark plugs very fast and wear-proof; these spark plugs can withstand very hard conditions of exploitation. Application of low tension and excellent inflammation provide complete combustion of fuel and reduction of inflammation irregularities number, also increase available engine capacity.
            Thin central electrode provides excellent reaction to acceleration, good dynamics, reduction of misfires. Significant inflammation ability of central electrode allows improving of engine characteristics and decrease fuel consumption for 5% in comparison with standard spark plugs.
            Iridium applied to spark plugs increases their service life up to 100,000km.

Catalogue hEXEN Spark Plugs (PDF in RAR)   13.7 MB

Spark plugs with one side electrode

Spark plugs with several side electrodes

Spark plugs with V-groove side electrode

Platinum spark plugs

Iridium spark plugs

Spark plugs for 2- and 4-stroke engines

1141 ACT14HR (4)
Price: 196.65грн

1151 ACT15HR (4)
Price: 194.94грн

1151 F-11 ACT15HRF-11 (4)
Price: 222.3грн

1154 AKT15UR (4)
Price: 213.75грн

1171 ACT17HR (4)
Price: 200.07грн

1174 AKT17UR (4)
Price: 213.75грн

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