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            The last few years engines became more compact at the same time quantity of additional drives increased. Such development caused increasing requirements for automobile belts. As transmission systems become more compound, so requirements for belts’ elasticity and strength are growing.
            Reliability is a very important characteristic of HEXEN automobile belts. It is provided by permanent quality control during all the stages of production. HEXEN uses only high quality raw materials, which is additionally controlled before production allowance.
            At every stage of production big quantity of controlling procedures is used thus providing high and permanent quality of finished belts. Belts’ characteristics are carefully examined at test benches and in engines by multiple tests of different duration and different loading.


Poly-V belts (including HT series)


A600 / V-belts
Price: 48.56грн

A610 / V-belts
Price: 49.59грн

A625 / V-belts
Price: 50.27грн

A638 / V-belts
Price: 50.62грн

A650 / V-belts
Price: 50.96грн

A666 / V-belts
Price: 51.64грн

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