PROFESSIONAL HUNDERT are modern lubricants and car care products, produced for delivery to service stations and automobile operating companies. Assortment range was developed for National Service Program and is being improved. Main distinctive features of producing companies of PROFESSIONAL HUNDERT (such as a refinery – producer of high quality lubricating materials, and famous producers of autochemistry) are the products quality, usage of modern technologies in the production process, reliability of reputation. Thus the trade mark has a reliable support and long-term experience of grand European companies in the sphere of servicing and repairing of automobiles. Such a strong production base means confidence not only for importing companies but also for their partners in every country, to which PROFESSIONAL HUNDERT products are exported.
    Refinery was found among the first in Europe, and it is a big oil-processing plant at the moment. Refinery is considered as one of the most modern plants of its type, due to sufficient investment during the last two decades. Base oils are the main production component. Because of the high level of refinement, products of refinery are used also during synthesis and production of raw materials for perfumes and cosmetics. A lot of products from refinery’s assortment range are used in chemical and food industries. 
    During base oil production, it is necessary to clean out of oil such a concomitant component as paraffin. By the mean of innovations implementation to purifying process, the complete discharge of paraffin is achieved, thus the quality of the main product – base oil – is increased. Paraffin is a product, discharged by the method of deparaffinization during oil processing; paraffin is used more than in 100 of different production branches.
Distillates, produced at the factory, are used for production of lubrication-cooling fluids, which are sold to clients too.
Also the most modern high-quality lubricants for automobiles and industry are produced and poured at the refinery.

    The whole assortment, produced at the refinery, is about 700 items. The wide range and ability to produce narrow volumes of special products are the strongest advantages of refinery.
At the present moment refinery is one of the biggest and profitable oil production and pouring plants in Europe due to great producing capacities and the most modern automated lines.

    Assortment range of PROFESSIONAL HUNDERT car chemistry products covers all of the car servicing spheres (varied additives and cleaners to oil and fuel systems of automobiles, car care products, wide range of products for service stations). All of the PROFESSIONAL HUNDERT chemistry products are produced at high-tech chemical plants in Germany. The production process is permanently controlled by specialists of plants and the Quality Inspection department of PROFESSIONAL HUNDERT.

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