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Haftschmierfett-Spray 500 ml / Adhesive Lubricating Grease
Haftschmierfett-Spray 500 ml / Adhesive Lubricating Grease
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Adhesive Lubricating Grease
Capacity: silicon, resin and acid free, high pressure and temperature resistance, spray and salt-water resistant adhesive lubricant, strong adhesion ensures good stability against all external influences, can creep into hard-to-reach places, high evaporation properties, safe lubrication thanks to use of stateof-the-art abrasion-resistant additives, it uses for safety lubrication for every inspection such as door hinges or arrester straps, for repairing springs, stabilizers, deflection levers, axle joints, gear, clutch and brake rods, corrosion protection for brake or fuel lines.
Application: thoroughly clean application parts. Shake bottle well before use Spray on lubrication, leave to work for a short period, then spray again.
Exp.: 5 years from production date.
Ingredients: oil (oil), with hydrogen of light processing (F;R11 Xn;R65 Xi;R38 N;R51/53 R67, 15-<25%), Isobutan, Propan, Butan.
Warning: flammable. Do not throw out in a reservoir. Work only indoors with ventilation.  Avoid touch with skin and eye contact, do no not inhale. Use strictly by function. Utilize separately from food waste. Keep out of reach of children!
Production date: see packing.


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