AMV Entkalker flussig 1 L / Decalcifier fluid 1 L
AMV Entkalker flussig 1 L / Decalcifier fluid 1 L
AMV Chemie, For kitchens, Limescale removing
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Characteristics: Highly concentrated fluid for effective descaling of water heaters, coffee and washing machines, boilers, stainless steel pots, where hot water is used. Prevents rust formation. Applicable in the catering, hotel business and food industry.

Application/dosage: Cleaning for dishwashers and laundry washers: fill in 300-400ml of agent to the empty machine - directly to the chamber of dishwasher or laundry washer drum. Put on the program of dishwashing or laundry washing at 60°С.

Cleaning irons: only for smoothing irons without self-cleaning system! Dilute the agent with water in ratio 1:10 and fill the reservoir of the iron. Turn on the iron to the highest level of steaming and perform ironing of cloth up to complete evaporation of the solution. After it perform twice evaporation by clean water.

Cleaning pots and kettles: add 100 ml of agent to 1ltr of water. Fill the utensil with solution and boil it. Leave for 10 minutes. Drain the solution. Then boil with clean water twice.

Coffee maker cleaning: dilute product with water in ratio 1:10. Turn on the device and boil out the solution completely. Then boil with clean water twice.


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