One of the developed directions of Company group AMV is goods transportation - "AMV - Transport". We realize transportation by means of automobiles vehicles all over the territory of Ukraine, and also outside its limits. For the transportation realization we use our own vehicles - stock of trucks with different capacity from foreign manufacturers.

    During years of work we have formed united team, it consists of young, nice, energetic professionals, who are carried away by their business. Experienced logistics-managers of the corporation are acquainted with different cargoes trucking.

    As the main moment of our work we see to provide the companies with access to maximally wide range of services, to provide each customer, independently of company’s dimensions and business volume, with high standards facilities. 

    "AMV - Transport" – it is dynamically developing direction of Company group AMV, which puts before itself  new aims and reaches new tops in perfection of own opportunities. Our purpose consists in our clients protecting from any problems connected with cargoes transportation. We aspire to satisfy all requirements and wishes of our clients, providing everyone with attention and professional service, finding the best decision for each concrete cargo. It is very important for each customer to have his cargo delivered safe and sound and that is why "AMV - Transport" is fully responsible for damages or loss of cargo because of our fault!

    "AMV - Transport"
has wide network of branch offices all over the territory of our country. All our branches operate according only confirmed rules. And this means that in any our branch office the qualitative and professional service will be given to You.


List of "AMV - Transport" services:

-         intraurban delivery

-         cargoes delivery along territory of Ukraine

-         international transportation


    Flexibility and efficiency are the main principles of "AMV - Transport" operation.

    We constantly master new markets segments, broaden our possibilities, make considerable investments in new technologies, renewal and widening of motor vehicles stock and personnel development. For the managers professional level raising the trainings and seminars are constantly lead.









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AMV в м. Києві: м.Васильків, 08600, вул.Робкорівська, 21, тел./факс: (044) 223-36-36, (044) 229-36-36, (044) 229-11-21,

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